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Tharu Walalla 14-09-2023


Tharu Walalla 14th September 2023

Tharu Walalla 14-09-2023. Tharu Walalla2023.9.14. Hiru TV. This video found on YouTube and submitted to the most popular Sri Lankan channel Col3neg on 14 Sep 2023 (8:32 AM) by an automated michanism.

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Two scientists whose connection was sparked in Saskatchewan are working together from different sides of the globe to improve animal health in Sri Lanka, in hopes of addressing a potential global health threat. MORE..

18 Apr 2024 (6:12 PM)

Ukraine s prime minister has told the BBC there will be a "Third World War" if Ukraine loses its conflict with Russia, as he urged the US Congress to pass a long-stalled foreign aid bill. MORE..

18 Apr 2024 (4:11 PM)

A 17-year-old boy who was bathing in the Castlereagh Reservoir is reported missing after being swept away by strong water currents. MORE..

18 Apr 2024 (7:47 PM)

Rev. Fr. Cyril Gamini Fernando, the Editor of the official Catholic Sinhala weekly Gnanartha Pradeepaya , arrived at the Criminal Investigation Department (CID) premises this morning (19), complying with the summons issued to him. MORE..

19 Apr 2024 (11:55 AM)

The State-Owned Enterprise Restructuring Unit (SRU) of the Finance Ministry has officially released the names of the local and foreign firms that have submitted responses to the respective requests for quote and the shortlisted bidders for the divestiture of shares held by the Government of Sri Lanka in several key state-owned enterprises... MORE..

18 Apr 2024 (6:21 PM)