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Sihinayaka Seya (298) - 14-04-2020


Sihinayaka Seya 298 14th April 2020

Sihinayaka Seya 298. Sihinayaka Seya Ep 298. Sihinayaka Seya Episode 298. Sihinayaka Seya 2020.4.14. Sihinayaka Seya 14th April 2020. Sihinayaka Seya 298 2020.4.14. Hiru TV. This video found on Dailymotion and submitted to the most popular Sri Lankan channel Col3neg on 14 Apr 2020 (9:55 PM) by an automated michanism.

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The lane towards Colombo on the Southern Expressway has temporarily been blocked for traffic due to two cars colliding between Baddegama and Pinnaduwa, injuring 5 persons, the Expressway Police said.

21 Jul 2024 (5:37 PM)

President Ranil Wickremesinghe announced plans to ensure returning migrant workers can live with dignity after completing their service abroad. He thanked these workers for their vital contributions of foreign exchange during the recent economic crisis, acknowledging their crucial role in advancing the country s economy. MORE..

21 Jul 2024 (5:27 PM)

Bangladesh s top court on Sunday scaled back a controversial quota system for government job applicants after it led to nationwide unrest and deadly clashes between police and protesters that have killed scores of people. MORE..

21 Jul 2024 (4:27 PM)

Police have secured detention orders against the 21-year-old female arrested on suspicion of being linked to the killing of Club Wasantha at Athurugiriya recently. MORE..

21 Jul 2024 (4:16 PM)

The Police Special Task Force (STF) has arrested two individuals who operate the drug network of notorious drug trafficker and criminal gang leader infamously known as "Kanjipani Imran". MORE..

21 Jul 2024 (3:43 PM)