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Sansararanya Asabada (45) - 27-06-2020


Sansararanya Asabada 45 27th June 2020

Sansararanya Asabada 45. Sansararanya Asabada Ep 45. Sansararanya Asabada Episode 45. Sansararanya Asabada 2020.6.27. Sansararanya Asabada 27th June 2020. Sansararanya Asabada 45 2020.6.27. ITN. The video posted by the most popular Sri Lankan channel Col3neg on 27 Jun 2020 (9:32 PM).

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The Ministry of Health reports 242 new cases of COVID-19 increasing the total number of coronavirus cases reported so far today to 464. MORE..

25 Feb 2021 (11:16 PM)

Showers or thundershowers will occur at several places in Southern province and in Rathnapura and Monaragala districts during the evening or night, says the Department of Meteorology. MORE..

26 Feb 2021 (10:06 AM)

The Sri Lankan government is going back on agreements signed with India, Japan and the US and that s a "serious mistake," former Prime Minister of Sri Lanka Ranil Wickremesinghe has said. MORE..

26 Feb 2021 (12:38 AM)

Former Senior Deputy Inspector General (DIG) of Police Anura Senanayake has passed away this afternoon, his family sources confirmed. MORE..

26 Feb 2021 (4:38 PM)

The United Kingdom has urged the UN Human Rights Council to press for progress on justice, reconciliation and accountability and improved respect for human rights in Sri Lanka. MORE..

26 Feb 2021 (7:07 PM)