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Sansararanya Asabada (38) - 30-05-2020


Sansararanya Asabada 38 30th May 2020

Sansararanya Asabada 38. Sansararanya Asabada Ep 38. Sansararanya Asabada Episode 38. Sansararanya Asabada 2020.5.30. Sansararanya Asabada 30th May 2020. Sansararanya Asabada 38 2020.5.30. ITN. The video posted by the most popular Sri Lankan channel Col3neg on 30 May 2020 (9:32 PM).

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The US military struck facilities in eastern Syria used by Iran-backed armed groups Thursday, saying President Joe Biden s new administration was sending Tehran a message after recent rocket attacks on US troop locations in Iraq. MORE..

26 Feb 2021 (10:58 AM)

United States has urged Sri Lanka to make public a strategy and timetable for the implementation of recommendations in the report compiled by UN High Commissioner for Human Rights Michelle Bachelet. MORE..

26 Feb 2021 (3:58 PM)

The Ministry of Health says that another 664 patients who were previously tested positive for COVID-19 have recovered and discharged from the hospital within the last 24 hours. MORE..

26 Feb 2021 (5:17 PM)

Four police officers - 03 Constables and one Inspector - have been interdicted for allegedly assaulting a law student at the Peliyagoda police station. MORE..

26 Feb 2021 (5:56 PM)

The Sri Lankan government is going back on agreements signed with India, Japan and the US and that s a "serious mistake," former Prime Minister of Sri Lanka Ranil Wickremesinghe has said. MORE..

26 Feb 2021 (12:38 AM)