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Neela Pabalu (389) - 07-11-2019


Neela Pabalu 389 07th November 2019

Neela Pabalu 389. Neela Pabalu Ep 389. Neela Pabalu Episode 389. Neela Pabalu 2019.11.7. Neela Pabalu 07th November 2019. Neela Pabalu 389 2019.11.7. Sirasa TV. The video posted by the most popular Sri Lankan channel Col3neg on 7 Nov 2019 (9:35 PM).

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The unprecedented crisis triggered by the coronavirus pandemic has severely dented Sri Lanka s economy, causing a steep fall in the earnings from tourism, remittances and outflow of foreign investment, the nation s central bank has said. MORE..

3 Jun 2020 (12:04 AM)

One more patient has tested positive for Covid-19 bringing the total number of cases reported in the country to 1,649. MORE..

2 Jun 2020 (11:54 PM)

The Ministry of Public Administration announced that June 04 (Thursday) has been declared a holiday for all government institutions. MORE..

2 Jun 2020 (9:41 PM)

Two more patients have tested positive for Covid-19 increasing the total number of confirmed cases reported in the country to 1,647. MORE..

2 Jun 2020 (8:16 PM)

A raid in the Poduwakattu area in Trincomalee has led to the arrest of an individual for possession of illegal drugs. MORE..

2 Jun 2020 (4:43 PM)