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Kavi 10ta Gee Dahayak - Shashi Prabhath


Kavi 10ta Gee Dahayak - Shashi Prabhath

Kavi 10ta Gee Dahayak - Shashi Prabhath. Charana TV. This video found on YouTube and submitted to the most popular Sri Lankan channel Col3neg on 20 Nov 2023 (9:36 PM) by an automated michanism.

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In response to the outcomes of this year s G.C.E. Advanced Level Examination, President Ranil Wickremesinghe has directed the commencement of a scholarship program through the President s Fund for students currently pursuing their G.C.E. Advanced Level studies. MORE..

1 Dec 2023 (6:42 PM)

The Kalutara (South) Police, on Thursday (30 Nov.), arrested a duo believed to have committed several crimes in the Kalutara District. MORE..

1 Dec 2023 (6:24 PM)

The Government Medical Officers Association (GMOA) has stated that ongoing investigations into the procurement of Human Immunoglobulin drugs under Indian Line of Credit (LoC) are unsatisfactory, and that further action must be taken in this regard. MORE..

2 Dec 2023 (12:11 PM)

The Special Commodity Levy has been imposed on a number of goods has been with effect from today (Dec.01). MORE..

1 Dec 2023 (11:03 PM)

The Sri Lanka Tourism Development Board (SLTDB) has revealed that it is likely for Sri Lanka to have received over 1 million tourists by the end of this year. MORE..

2 Dec 2023 (10:34 AM)