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Hithuwakkaraya (155) - 07-05-2018


Hithuwakkaraya 155 07th May 2018

Hithuwakkaraya 155. Hithuwakkaraya Ep 155. Hithuwakkaraya Episode 155. Hithuwakkaraya 2018.5.7. Hithuwakkaraya 07th May 2018. Hithuwakkaraya 155 2018.5.7. TV 1. The video posted by the most popular Sri Lankan channel Col3neg on 7 May 2018 (10:15 PM).

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A discussion is currently underway between Prime Minister Mahinda Rajapksa and representatives of trade unions at the Colombo Port, regarding the issue concerning the Eastern Terminal of the port. MORE..

3 Jul 2020 (10:19 AM)

The Special Investigation Unit of the Ministry of Sports has suspended its investigation into the match-fixing allegations concerning the 2011 ICC World Cup final, due to insufficient evidence. MORE..

3 Jul 2020 (5:25 PM)

A group of high-ranking police officers including DIGs and Acting DIGs have been transferred on exigencies of service, the Police Headquarters said. MORE..

3 Jul 2020 (11:06 AM)

Former Sri Lanka cricket captain Mahela Jayawardena has reportedly arrived at the Special Investigations Unit of the Sports Ministry despite having been informed that the recording of his statement has been postponed. MORE..

3 Jul 2020 (11:44 AM)

Two teenagers have reportedly drowned while bathing in the Ma-Oya in the Yaka Bendi Ella area at Giriulla. MORE..

3 Jul 2020 (7:51 PM)