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Hithuwakkaraya (149) - 26-04-2018


Hithuwakkaraya 149 26th April 2018

Hithuwakkaraya 149. Hithuwakkaraya Ep 149. Hithuwakkaraya Episode 149. Hithuwakkaraya 2018.4.26. Hithuwakkaraya 26th April 2018. Hithuwakkaraya 149 2018.4.26. TV 1. The video posted by the most popular Sri Lankan channel Col3neg on 26 Apr 2018 (9:04 PM).

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The Colombo High Court Judge Adithya Patabendige today (June 05) ordered a case filed before the Colombo High Court against Thilini Priyamali, the businesswoman who is accused of massive financial fraud, to be taken up for hearing on August 11. MORE..

5 Jun 2023 (12:47 PM)

A 62-year-old man has been injured following a shooting incident that took place at Gemunu Mawatha in Walpita this morning (June 05), and was admitted to Homagama Hospital, the police said. MORE..

5 Jun 2023 (11:51 AM)

World Environment Day, observed annually on June 05, is marked today with the aim of encouraging awareness and action for the protection of the environment. MORE..

5 Jun 2023 (12:19 PM)

The Department of Meteorology says that Southwest monsoon conditions are gradually establishing across the island. MORE..

5 Jun 2023 (9:11 AM)

A Chinese national has reportedly died after falling from the 8th floor of a housing complex building which is currently under construction at Union Place in Kompanna Veediya. MORE..

5 Jun 2023 (6:58 PM)