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Hithuwakkaraya (141) - 16-04-2018


Hithuwakkaraya 141 16th April 2018

Hithuwakkaraya 141. Hithuwakkaraya Ep 141. Hithuwakkaraya Episode 141. Hithuwakkaraya 2018.4.16. Hithuwakkaraya 16th April 2018. Hithuwakkaraya 141 2018.4.16. TV 1. The video posted by the most popular Sri Lankan channel Col3neg on 16 Apr 2018 (7:30 PM).

News Headers

Lanak Sathosa says it has slashed the prices of ten essential food items with the intention of providing further relief to the people. MORE..

24 Mar 2023 (12:45 PM)

The government has decided to proceed with the Work Bank-funded project to modernize the Meteorology Department, Disaster Management Centre (DMC) and National Building Research Organization (NBRO), Defence State Minister Premitha Bandaran Tennakoon says. MORE..

24 Mar 2023 (12:28 PM)

Minster of Power and Energy Kanchana Wijesekera has stated that certain reforms pertaining to both, the Ceylon Petroleum Corporation (CPC) and the Ceylon Electricity Board (CEB) have begun. MORE..

24 Mar 2023 (3:09 PM)

The suspect who was recently caught on CCTV footage as he mutilated a man has surrendered before the court. MORE..

24 Mar 2023 (5:10 PM)

Holders of Sri Lanka s international sovereign bonds face a 20% principal haircut in the country s debt restructuring as well as maturity extensions and a reduction in coupons, according to a Barclays report. MORE..

24 Mar 2023 (12:58 PM)