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Gira with Priya - Kale Raja


Gira with Priya - Kale Raja

Gira with Priya - Kale Raja. . The video posted by the most popular Sri Lankan channel Col3neg on 10 Jul 2020 (8:41 PM).

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Some restrictions will have to be imposed on arrivals from overseas taking into account the uptick in positive cases of COVID-19 among individuals arriving in Sri Lanka, says the Chief Epidemiologist Dr. Sudath Samaraweera. MORE..

17 Apr 2021 (4:56 PM)

Traffic congestion is reported on the Southern Expressway towards Colombo, between the Gelanigama and Kahatuduwa interchanges. MORE..

17 Apr 2021 (7:21 PM)

New Delhi went into a weekend lockdown Saturday as India faces a ferocious new coronavirus wave, with more than 200,000 fresh daily cases and families clamouring for drugs and hospital beds. MORE..

17 Apr 2021 (6:56 PM)

The Ministry of Health says 221 more patients who were infected with coronavirus have been discharged from medical care. MORE..

17 Apr 2021 (5:43 PM)

Sri Lanka Police says that a special island-wide operation will be launched from 12 noon today to detect drunk drivers on all roads including expressway entry points. MORE..

18 Apr 2021 (10:00 AM)