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Sudu Andagena Kalu Avidin (65) - 11-07-2019


Sudu Andagena Kalu Avidin 65 11th July 2019

Sudu Andagena Kalu Avidin 65. Sudu Andagena Kalu Avidin Ep 65. Sudu Andagena Kalu Avidin Episode 65. Sudu Andagena Kalu Avidin 2019.7.11. Sudu Andagena Kalu Avidin 11th July 2019. Sudu Andagena Kalu Avidin 65 2019.7.11. Rupavahini. The video posted by the most popular Sri Lankan channel Col3neg on 11 Jul 2019 (9:31 PM).

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Asserting that despite many domestic priorities Sri Lanka has discharged its obligations in paying its assessments to date, the Sri Lanka delegation to the UNGA this week called on the United Nations Secretariat to utilize the available resources received from the Member States in a more effective, impartial and transparent manner. MORE..

20 Oct 2019 (4:21 PM)

Presidential hopeful of Sri Lanka Podujana Peramuna (SLPP) Gotabaya Rajapaksa says, under his administration, he would appoint the presidential commission that His Eminence Malcolm Cardinal Ranjith had been requesting for, to uncover the persons responsible for the Easter Sunday terror attacks. MORE..

20 Oct 2019 (4:11 AM)

Sri Lanka Podujana Peramuna (SLPP) presidential candidate Gotabaya Rajapaksa says he hopes to build an economy based on intelligence and skills. MORE..

20 Oct 2019 (6:05 PM)

The Election Commission has received a total number of 938 complaints concerning the forthcoming Presidential Election. MORE..

19 Oct 2019 (11:17 PM)

Sri Lanka Podujana Peramuna (SLPP) yesterday lodged a complaint with the Election Commission against the biased nature of State media and misusing State resources. MORE..

20 Oct 2019 (5:09 AM)