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Shakthi News 10.30 PM 19-09-2019


Shakthi News 10.30 PM 19th September 2019

Shakthi News 10.30 PM 19-09-2019. Shakthi News 10.30 PM2019.9.19. Shakthi TV. The video posted by the most popular Sri Lankan channel Col3neg on 20 Sep 2019 (12:08 AM).

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Prices of bakery items including bread will have to be hiked in the coming days, says All Island Bakery Owners Association. MORE..

2 Jun 2020 (6:37 PM)

The President s Media Division says that with corporate and individual donations and direct deposits, the balance of the ITUKAMA COVID-19 Healthcare and Social Security Fund has now surpassed Rs. 1,230 million. MORE..

3 Jun 2020 (12:36 AM)

Another group of Sri Lankan nationals stranded in Singapore due to the COVID-19 global pandemic returned to the island onboard a special repatriation flight on Tuesday (02). MORE..

2 Jun 2020 (6:07 PM)

Two fresh cases of coronavirus cases reported a short while ago moved the total count of COVID-19 cases in the country to 1,645. MORE..

2 Jun 2020 (7:19 PM)

Two more patients have tested positive for Covid-19 increasing the total number of confirmed cases reported in the country to 1,647. MORE..

2 Jun 2020 (8:16 PM)