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Sansararanya Asabada (54) - 26-07-2020


Sansararanya Asabada 54 26th July 2020

Sansararanya Asabada 54. Sansararanya Asabada Ep 54. Sansararanya Asabada Episode 54. Sansararanya Asabada 2020.7.26. Sansararanya Asabada 26th July 2020. Sansararanya Asabada 54 2020.7.26. ITN. The video posted by the most popular Sri Lankan channel Col3neg on 26 Jul 2020 (10:02 PM).

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Sri Lanka saw an uptick in its COVID-19 caseload as 204 more persons were tested positive for the virus today (March 04). MORE..

4 Mar 2021 (8:07 PM)

The US House of Representatives passed a bill on Wednesday banning controversial police tactics and easing the way for lawsuits against officers violating suspects constitutional rights, although the measure s Senate prospects were uncertain. MORE..

4 Mar 2021 (4:13 PM)

A severe 7.2 magnitude earthquake struck off the east of New Zealand s North Island on Friday, prompting a tsunami warning, and authorities advised people in some coastal areas to move immediately to high ground. MORE..

4 Mar 2021 (10:37 PM)

Women Parliamentarians Caucus has called for the appointed of a Select Committee to look into and report to the Parliament its recommendations to ensure gender equity and equality with special emphasis on looking into gender-based discriminations and violations of women s rights in Sri Lanka. MORE..

4 Mar 2021 (5:02 PM)

The Ministry of Environment states that scientific surveys have confirmed that the percentage of oxygen in the atmosphere of the city of Colombo is gradually declining in proportion to its population. MORE..

4 Mar 2021 (2:56 PM)