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Aarokiyam 09-01-2021


Aarokiyam 09th January 2021

Aarokiyam 09-01-2021. Aarokiyam2021.1.9. Vasantham TV. The video posted by the most popular Sri Lankan channel Col3neg on 9 Jan 2021 (7:09 PM).

News Headers

Sri Lanka saw an uptick in COVID infections today (April 17) as 168 more persons were tested positive for the virus. MORE..

17 Apr 2021 (8:42 PM)

Some restrictions will have to be imposed on arrivals from overseas taking into account the uptick in positive cases of COVID-19 among individuals arriving in Sri Lanka, says the Chief Epidemiologist Dr. Sudath Samaraweera. MORE..

17 Apr 2021 (4:56 PM)

Brazil asked women on Friday to delay getting pregnant until the worst of the pandemic passes, saying the virus variant that is devastating the South American country appears to affect expectant mothers more than earlier versions of the coronavirus. MORE..

17 Apr 2021 (10:48 PM)

New Delhi went into a weekend lockdown Saturday as India faces a ferocious new coronavirus wave, with more than 200,000 fresh daily cases and families clamouring for drugs and hospital beds. MORE..

17 Apr 2021 (6:56 PM)

Two army personnel have been injured after a vehicle defied orders to stop and knocked them down at the Omanthai security checkpoint, the Police Spokesman said.

18 Apr 2021 (10:09 AM)